Deliver Solutions

We do the work while you and your clients enjoy the benefits

You don’t have to be a wellness expert to bring expertise to the table. With WellnessPlus as a value offering, you can deliver a strategic platform that is fully customizable, easy to implement and drives meaningful results. Our turn-key solution allows employers to track participation, monitor engagement and award powerful incentives.

Manage Costs

Manage Health Care Costs and Promote a Culture of Health

As brokers, you must often resort to cost shifting in response to rising health care costs and are typically forced to present premium increases to your clients at every renewal. Increasing deductibles, co-pays and premium contributions actually increase employee financial burden without addressing the root of the rising cost. To stay competitive, progressive brokers embrace wellness as a more sustainable solution in better benefit design. With WellnessPlus, you can distinguish yourself with an effective long-term strategy.

We help your clients:

  • Quantify health risks and motivate employees toward behavior change
  • Manage health care costs by reducing risk for preventable diseases
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Improve recruitment and retention
  • Increase job satisfaction and employee engagement

We help you:

  • Offer a proven and affordable solution you can recommend and trust
  • Make the case for wellness with our sales tool kit: research, statistics and program details
  • Enjoy a seamless sales transition from introduction to contract completion
  • Estimate client savings with an assessment tool and insurance incentive calculator
  • Quickly customize and launch with minimal effort by following our easy action plan
  • Earn a rewarding compensation

Shop & Compare

We understand that when shopping for wellness there are many offerings to compare. Use this features check list to learn what you and your clients can expect from partnering with WellnessPlus, and you’ll find the difference is in the Plus.

  • Corporate Wellness Strategy & Incentive Planning
    Define wellness goals, set evaluation benchmarks and identify effective incentives.

  • Tailored Goals and Customization
    Integrate existing wellness campaigns and design company specific promotions within a comprehensive program.

  • Goal Tracking
    Incentivize logged exercise, nutrition, annual physicals, tobacco free status, flu shots and more.

  • Administrator Reporting
    Receive annual aggregate health and on-demand participation, survey and custom reports.

  • Live Active, Eat Smart, Learn Healthy and Know Your Numbers
    Identify risks and access health information, activities and goal strategies to promote year-round healthy habit formation.

  • Quarterly Team and Personal Challenges
    Participate in fun and social campaigns with exercise, nutrition and stress related topics.

  • My Coach Healthy Calls
    Choose optional or incentivized outbound wellness coaching calls.

  • On-Site Biometric Screening & Health Risk Assessment
    Enjoy the option of full-service logistics and biometric reporting.

  • Website, Mobile Site and Physical Activity Data Syncing
    Connect with wellness wherever you are.

  • Concierge-Style Account Management
    Stay on track to success with dedicated account management support.

  • Expert Customer Service
    Rely on professional staff to answer general health, program and website questions.

Contact us to learn how WellnessPlus can strengthen your portfolio of offerings and give you the competitive edge you are looking for.